Display Marketing

Ensure Your Brand Gets Seen by Your Customers

Targeted Advertising On Relevant Sites

Due to the ever increasing competition in the online space, it’s becoming more and more challenging to be seen on a consistent basis at a time when the searcher is in ‘buying mode’.

So let’s not forget the old tried and tested method of online advertising.......

Display Marketing.

Set up and Managed in the right way, it can be more cost effective and targeted than ever.

Not only will it increase the overall Brand equity of your business, it will deliver targeted traffic to your website from your adverts being displayed on the most relevant websites associated to your business sector.


How Display Advertising Works

To get things moving at The Adwords Company, we know exactly what to do and when in-house. Here’s what we’ll do :

  • Advert Creation – Our in-house design specialists will create effective and dynamic banner adverts to serve any aspect of your business offering.
  • Optimisation – We constantly update your sales messages within your adverts and their targeting to make every advert work
  • Management – Continued monitoring of even the finest details to deliver a successful campaign

Coupled with statistical data we’ll have an improved understanding of user activity and conversion trends.

This will improve targeting together with enhancing your brand to those who are interested in your service....Intelligent marketing which could work for you...

None of this is guess work. We use statistical data to better understand user activity and conversion trends. This will help to improve targeting and enhance the exposure of your business, to those who’ll be most interested. Ingenious!

It’s intelligent advertising; and we want to share it with you.

Why Choose Us?

In order to maximise your return on investment, you need to have the right management Service behind you. This is where The Adwords Company is different.

We at The Adwords Company do not operate a production line as every situation and resultant objective is unique to each client.

Our Specialists are dedicated and qualified professionals who only have one goal......to prove additional value to your business by benefiting from the following :

  • Display Marketing Increased ROI
  • Increased Website Visits
  • Reduced Wasted Costs
  • Improved Brand Awareness

Whether you are considering a new campaign or need to simply enhance an existing one due to current performance, speak to us at The Adwords Company and let us show you how it can be done....


100% Transparent Business Model

We have adopted a 100% transparency approach for all our clients, all of whom know exactly where they stand....No hidden fees and unnecessary charges here!

We charge fixed monthly management fees which are agreed before we commence any work and we try to work with our clients to give them the best value possible within the boundaries set.

One important point to note, if we don’t think we can help improve overall value to your business, we will be upfront and tell you, rather than try to fail.

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